• Bad debt work both banks & the debtors

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  • Factoring is a convenient financial instrument for your business development

  • Financing of your production and trade activities

  • Increase in sales, competitive delay in payment

  • Working capital financing of your company

  • International Factoring

  • Export factoring for Ukrainian exporters

  • Import factoring for Ukrainian importers

  • Financing of export-import supplies

  • International Factoring

  • International standards of factoring services

Domestic factoring

Kinds of factoring

Main kinds of factoring

  • Recourse factoring
  • Recourse factoring with security
  • Non-recourse factoring

Recourse factoring
It represents the financing provided to the Client against accounts receivable assigned to the Factor. In case the Debtor fails to make a payment according to the contract, Factor has a right to assign the accounts receivable back to the Client and ask him to reimburse the advance and the commission for factoring services.

Recourse factoring with security
It represents factoring financing with recourse and additional security. This kind of factoring services is used for new Clients’ contracts (i.e. without the history of payments).

Non-recourse factoring
It represents provision of finance against assigned accounts receivable with acceptance all the risks of non-payment. This kind of factoring is used for predictable Clients and their VIP Partners. It is as an end in itself of providing the kinds of factoring mentioned above.