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International factoring of FCI

Import factoring of FCI

Advantages of Import factoring:

  • The possibility of dealing on open account terms (grace period - up to 90 days) and establishing of trust relationship between Ukrainian and foreign Partners.
  • Import-Factor collects accounts receivable that simplifies the procedure greatly especially in case of language differences between partners.
  • Augmentation of circulating assets of the Client.

Import factoring of FCI

Financial company ARMA FACTORING LLC is happy to offer our Clients a possibility of using such modern financial instrument as international factoring. It will greatly help to provide the accounts receivable administration during cooperation with international partners.

As a member of Factors Chain International (FCI) we are rendering a full range of international factoring services successfully.

International factoring is used when the Seller and the Buyer are located in different countries. One solution for such scheme is two-factor system according to which responsibilities are divided between two factoring companies. Export-Factor finances the Seller and provides accounts receivable administration. Import-Factor provides credit cover to the Export-Factor and collects outstanding invoices.

Such scheme of cooperation is very comfortable and effective in cases when there are significant economic, legal and especially linguistic differences between the countries of the Seller and the Buyer.

The scheme of cooperation through international factoring

1. The supply of goods on open account terms;
2. The Seller assigns the invoices to Export-Factor;
3. Provision of finance advance up to 90 % of the invoices’ face value;
4. Export-Factor assigns the invoices to Import-Factor;
5. The Buyer pays to Import-Factor (100% of the invoices’ face value);
6. Import-Factor transfers the payment to Export-Factor;
7. The Seller pays the commission for Export-Factor’s services;
8. Export-Factor transfers the remainder (from 10% of the invoices’ face value) to the Seller.