• Bad debt work both banks & the debtors

  • 14 years in the factoring market

  • Factoring is a convenient financial instrument for your business development

  • Financing of your production and trade activities

  • Increase in sales, competitive delay in payment

  • Working capital financing of your company

  • International Factoring

  • Export factoring for Ukrainian exporters

  • Import factoring for Ukrainian importers

  • Financing of export-import supplies

  • International Factoring

  • International standards of factoring services

Domestic factoring

Factoring advantages over other financial instruments

Factoring advantages over credit and overdrafts

Financing is provided out of the money received from your debtors Your company returns money to the bank
Financing will be resumed in case of accounts receivable. There is no guarantee of new credit / overdraft obtaining
Financing is paid against documents confirming delivery of goods It is necessary to issue a lot of documents in order to obtain credit / overdraft
Cash management services in another bank is not required Credit / overdraft includes transition of the company to cash management services in the bank
Financing is provided for the delay of payment period. Credit is provided for a fixed period Strict deadlines of the tranche using (no more than30 days) is set
Financing can be provided on the delivery day The credit is paid in the due date under credit agreement Term of the overdraft agreement cannot exceed 3-6 months
Securities and arguments of application of funds are not required in order to finance Credit is generally granted against security, which is 1.5-2 times higher than the credit amount Securities are not required but it is necessary to maintain the turnover of c/a in the ratio of 5:1.
Financing volumes increase in proportion to the sale volumes. Agreed credit amount is granted. Overdraft limit is set on the basis of 15-30% of the monthly credit income to the account of the borrower.

Factoring advantages

Risk coverage

Due to simple and effective factoring mechanism Client is protected from a lot of risks associated with delay of payment, i.e.:

  • liquidity risk (risk of non-payment by the Buyer on time);
  • credit risk;
  • operational risks (risks associated with human factor);
  • protection against losses due to currency fluctuations, sudden changes of the market value of cash resources, etc.

Accounts receivables management

Additional factoring advantage over other financial instruments is receivables management that allows reducing workload of the staff and avoiding additional costs of the Client.
As of today, our company offers a range of services on your company’s accounts receivable, which includes:

  • continuous monitoring of accounts receivable;
  • control of the reputation and payment discipline of the Debtor;
  • working with debtors regarding due and full payment of the goods delivery;
  • providing clients with reports on accounts receivable, which allows obtaining the latest information and managing the financial flows of the enterprise.

Informational and analytical service

Moreover, factoring services from LLC "ARMA FACTORING" include information and analytical services, as follows:
1. Analysis of the current accounts receivables
2. Analysis of the Buyer’s payment discipline
3. Control of the cash flow
4. Analysis of the financial standing of the company
5. Legal advice regarding correct supply agreement and optimal terms and conditions of the business transaction.